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I am delighted and excited to announce that I will be offering a new tour, imminently. The new tour is entitled Clanlands Photography Tour Scotland and is inspired by the book written by the actors Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish. Graham is 6 months older than I am and like him, I have a great interest in the Scottish Clans. This tour will be a departure from my other photography tours. I am hoping to have the full details and booking availability here on my website by next weekend (November 14, 2020). Full details can be found by clicking here:


James Christie

Happy to announce that we have received a fantastic review for our Outlander Photography Tour in the Daily Record Newspaper’s Tourism Section.

You can read the full review here: Daily Record Newspaper review of our Outlander Tours



Outlander Photography Tours


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In partnership with VisitScotland, the National Tourist Organisation of Scotland, I have conducted a risk assessment for our Edinburgh Photography Tour and we have passed with flying colours. We are certified to conduct our Edinburgh Photography Tour from July 15th, 2020 and beyond. Rest assured all Covid-19 lockdown measures, as laid out by the Scottish Government will be adhered to resolutely, offering you peace of mind and comfort. Your health always comes first.
I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

James Christie

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Meet Beaux! This is my new dog and he is a Parson Russell Terrier. Many people who have been on my tours over the last 10 years have asked me about pet photography and those who are vacationing in the UK have indicated that they miss their own dogs while travelling. As a result, I am offering Beaux as an optional extra to attend the tours too. I can teach you the basics of pet photography and hopefully, Beaux will be a willing model.

I have completed my risk assessment for our Edinburgh Photography Tour and lesson and we comply with Scottish Government Regulations. We are now accepting bookings for our Edinburgh Photography Tour / Lesson for dates starting from July 15, 2020. Social distancing will be maintained throughout the tour and at this stage we can only accept bookings from one household at a time, to a maximum of 3 people on any given tour. I have a digital thermometer gun and your temperature and mine will be checked at the start of each tour to provide additional reassurance to all. All bookings will be gratefully accepted as my company tries to recover from the Covid-19 lockdown measures and I look forward to meeting you soon.



Chaka, the best dog I ever had

This is my dog, Chaka. Chaka was a Parson Russell – Collie mix and was born on September 1, 2004. My ex-girlfriend got him as a rescue dog from the Dog’s Trust in West Calder when he was just one year old. I first met Chaka when he was six years old, way back in 2011. Our first encounter didn’t go well. He was growling and barking at me, but I’ve been around dogs all my life and I thought to myself, “you’ll be alright”. The following morning he was all waggy-tailed and affectionate and from that moment we were the best of friends. Chaka, named after Chaka, Zulu warrior (appropriately, as you will find out) was diagnosed with pancreatitis four years ago and was immediately put onto a low fat diet and over the course of the last four years, administered Omeprazole when needed to manage the condition. He was always a very active and affectionate dog. At the beginning of October 2018 he started to display problems with his stomach and we took him to the Royal Dick Vet at the Bush Estate, Penicuik, near Edinburgh. After many tests they advised us that he would have to have his spleen removed (important to a dog’s immune system). Because of his age (14 years old) at the time, no insurance company was prepared to cover him and the bill was going to be just under £6,000.

I have many friends on Facebook and somebody suggested doing crowd funding to pay the bill, I expressed that I wasn’t comfortable with that but somebody started it anyway and my friends and those of my ex-girlfriend raised over £2,500 towards the bill. I’m fairly pragmatic, but also very emotional, and I asked the surgeon at the time “If the operation is a success, how long are we looking at?” and she replied “Three to six months” – we figured it was worth it and the surgery took place. It was touch and go and he was in ICU for six days and nights, fighting for his life. He won the battle! Over the course of the previous and the next twelve months Chaka had 5 (that we are aware of) vestibular attacks, also known as “old dog’s disease”, but he came through them all.

Over the last three months he has been very finicky with his food and in the last 4 weeks he lost 1Kg in weight, but very bright and alert, showing the same interest in the world around him as always. Today, he was down and I could tell this was the end of his amazing life. I called the Royal Dick Vet and they booked an appointment for 10.40 am. Due to the corona virus lockdown, I had to release him to the vet, Vicky and she took him inside and asked me to wait in my car. She did a scan and revealed that there were complications with his liver and kidneys. I promised him, my ex-girlfriend and myself that I would never see Chaka suffer and after consultation with my ex-girlfriend, we agreed to have Chaka euthanised.

Chaka passed at 11.58am this morning and I have wept ever since. Chaka was one dog in a million (I know we all say that about our beloved  pets, but this guy truly was a fighter with the heart of a lion) loved by thousands on Facebook and many locally. I kept strong until it was over, strong for him, until it was over. My, Our thanks go out to all the staff at The Royal Dick Vet who knew, loved and cared for Chaka over the years.

Chaka, you will remain with me until I die. I am empty right now, but I will heal and you will never, ever, be forgotten!

Sleep well my darling wee boy!

Chaka: September 1, 2004 – April 9, 2020

Firstly, I hope that you and your family are healthy and well. These are unprecedented times and conditions in which we live. As you can imagine, with the ban on international flights, tourism in Scotland has taken a battering. There are many Tour Guides in Scotland, like myself, who have been directly impacted and are now earning no wage whatsoever. The British Government announced some new measures yesterday (March 20) to try and help, but frankly – they don’t go far enough! That may change in the coming days, we will just have to sit tight and see what happens.

Your health and safety (as well as mine) is my number one consideration! I am following Government guidelines to the letter. I hope to offer the usual high standards on my tours to all of you in the future. As things develop, I will keep you appraised here in my blog section. Please follow all guidelines being given to you and stay safe and healthy.

James Christie

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I am extremely proud and excited to win this prestigious industry Award for 2020. Over the last 10 years, I have worked extremely hard to offer photographers and people with an interest in photography a good selection of original photography tours. While there are several photography tours based in Edinburgh, did you know that mine was the first of its kind, anywhere in the world.

I have expanded the types of photography tours that I now offer. Of course the Edinburgh Photography tour is ever popular as is the 4 Abbeys + A Chapel Photography tour. Over the last two years my custom, private, photography tours of Scotland and my Outlander Photography Tour – based from Edinburgh, are proving to be a huge success.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me achieve this success and I wish all my previous, present and future clients the very best for the upcoming festive season and hope that 2020 is your best year yet!




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Anne and Marijke, two Dutch Outlander fans have booked their Outlander Tour for July 27 to August 1, 2020, so those dates are no longer available. Hotel accommodation is in limited supply and as such we recommend that you book your Outlander Tour as quickly as you are able to, to ensure we can get you the right accommodation. Please get in touch with James Christie – if you have any questions.

Full itinerary for the Outlander Tour can be found here Outlander Tour Details


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Thank you for visiting my web site. My Outlander Tour is a photography tour and a sightseeing tour of the Outlander film locations in Scotland. This tour took me 2 years to develop, to ensure that I could give Outlander fans from all over the world the very best Outlander experience when visiting Scotland. I am a huge fan of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon and the TV series by the Starz Network. Scotland, my birthplace, is a beautiful country to visit and I can understand why so many people want to come here.

My Outlander Tour is 6 days and 5 nights. Hotel accommodation is included in the price. You will stay at the Original Rosslyn Inn, set in the romantic village of Roslin, just 8 miles south of Edinburgh City Centre (less than 3 minutes walk from the historic and mystical Rosslyn Chapel) for 4 nights and the last night will be at the Royal Highland Hotel in Inverness. This Outlander Tour is the only one of its kind and it is the most comprehensive Outlander Tour available in Scotland today. You will be guided by myself, James Christie, – I have 41 years experience as a professional photographer and have photographed many legends over the years including, but not limited to David Bowie, Vidal Sassoon and Simon Callow (Duke of Sandringham), so you will be in very good hands. You don’t have to be an advanced photographer, as I will guide you step by step, all of the way to ensure that you return home with outstanding photographs of every Outlander location that we visit. Most importantly, my goal is for you to enjoy the 6 days that you will spend with me.

I have been doing Photography Tours in Scotland for 10 years and developed the Outlander Tour 3 years ago. Diana Gabaldon frequently likes and retweets my tweets on Twitter about this Outlander Tour, which is a huge honour and very humbling to myself. I have been on location when season 4 of Outlander was being filmed. I have over  1,000 fantastic  TripAdvisor reviews and I am a great story teller. I wanted to produce an Outlander Tour that would be different to the many others being offered and I believe that I have achieved that goal. The Outlander tour is thorough and I have no set timetable so you get to spend longer, at each site visited, than you would on other Outlander Tours.

You don’t need a fancy camera to make great photographs, I have had clients on tour with me and all they had was their iPhone and with my instruction they went home with amazing photographs. My goal is to give you the experience of a lifetime and to go home with your Outlander Tour photographs and rave about them to your friends and family for many years to come. I live less than a mile from Roslin and as such if you want to venture in to Edinburgh on any of the evenings that you are here, I can take you there and bring you back to the hotel, my philosophy is: You are the boss and I am here to assist in any way that I can.

So what are you waiting for? Book your Outlander Tour here: Outlander Tour Booking Page