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James Christie is the owner of Edinburgh Photography Tours Europe’s number one rated photography tour. Edinburgh Photography Tours operate daily (Monday – Sunday) through the historical heart of the City of Edinburgh. The tour offer a unique blend of historical anecdotes and photographic instruction aimed at photographers of all levels from beginner to professional. James’ professional knowledge and expertise ensures that all levels of ability and comprehension are comfortably accommodated, and catered for. James also provides personal and group photographic training and is available locally, nationally and internationally for long and short-term assignments. James has a successful pet photography business and has rebranded the commercial side of his work as Blackstar Photography Limited – http://www.blackstarphotographylimited.com

Becoming a professional photographer was not something I chose. Photography more or less chose me and I’ve been taking photographs since I was seven years old.

Many years ago, on a day like any other, my father handed me his 35 mm camera and asked me to take a family portrait. The moment had a profound effect on me as I felt this sudden urge to capture it, to freeze the moment in time, so I could return to it again and again. I picked up the camera, clicked the shutter and what developed transformed my life.

Once the film had been developed, I suddenly realized the inherent value and enormous power within the photograph as well as the infinite possibilities for me as a photographer. The ability to freeze time, to isolate a memory and to share an experience with someone else was so priceless. In an instant, I became aware of this passion for photography building inside me.

As an adult, I began photographing weddings basically because I was drawn to the open and honest display of emotions. I consider myself a ‘seeker of truth’ at weddings – searching passionately for those intimate moments between loved ones. This search has not only defined my style of photography, but has also guided my passion and become the driving force behind what I consider my greatest obsession.

I’ve had the extreme honour of photographing weddings for couples from all over the world and each one of them proves to me time and time again what a wonderful gift this has been. Each and every wedding I’ve photographed has given me the opportunity to bear witness and play a part in the most near and dear moments in a couple’s life together.

I have often been asked how I find these rare and special moments between a couple. The answer is simple – I am not content to see with just my eyes. I see with my heart because that is where I find connection. That is where I find truth. And that is where I find love.

James Christie was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. He spent 12 years in London and 15 years in Los Angeles and returned (in 2004) to the historic homeland that he loves.

James’ work has been featured in many prominent magazines and broadsheets including; Vogue, Town & Country Magazine,  Tatler Magazine; The Guardian Newspaper; The Sunday Times Newspaper; The Sunday Telegraph Newspaper; The Daily Express Newspaper; The Independent Newspaper; The Scotsman Newspaper; The Sunday Times Newspaper; The Sunday Express Newspaper; The Sunday Express Magazine; BBC Radio Times Magazine; TV Times Magazine; Take a Break Puzzle Magazine, The Metro, and Haymarket Business Magazine. He has been internationally published in the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post. James’ work has also been featured on www.bbc.co.uk www.davidbowie.com www.Edinburghguide.com and at the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK.


I have an Etsy Store where Fine Art ‘Giclee’ Prints can be purchased in a variety of sizes James Christie Photos Etsy Store

We are rebranding our commercial photography – weddings, pets, events, corporate, portraits, product, fine art, dogs, architectural as Blackstar Photography based in Edinburgh http://www.blackstarphotographylimited.com

Recent Clients:



ICC (International Cricket Council)

Heart Of Midlothian Football Club


Daylesford Organic Farm


Hearst Magazines UK

Breast Cancer Now

Whittard of Chelsea

Stewart Brewing Limited

Debenhams UK

Irish Consulate

Breakthrough Research Cancer

The Scottish Parliament

Town & Country Magazine

Glencorse Golf Club

Edinburgh Executive Travel Limited


E-Mail uk.jameschristie@gmail.com Phone: 0779 533 7778

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