Firstly, I hope that you and your family are healthy and well. These are unprecedented times and conditions in which we live. As you can imagine, with the ban on international flights, tourism in Scotland has taken a battering. There are many Tour Guides in Scotland, like myself, who have been directly impacted and are now earning no wage whatsoever. The British Government announced some new measures yesterday (March 20) to try and help, but frankly – they don’t go far enough! That may change in the coming days, we will just have to sit tight and see what happens.

Your health and safety (as well as mine) is my number one consideration! I am following Government guidelines to the letter. I hope to offer the usual high standards on my tours to all of you in the future. As things develop, I will keep you appraised here in my blog section. Please follow all guidelines being given to you and stay safe and healthy.

James Christie