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The magnificent Glencoe, Scotland
This view can be seen on our Outlander Photography Tours and our Custom Photography Tours of Scotland

James Christie, Blackstar Photography Limited, Edinburgh wedding photographer

A rare photograph of me in action at a recent Edinburgh wedding.
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Edinburgh photography tours, Edinburgh photowalk, Pipe organ, Saint Giles cathedral

The pipe organ at Saint Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

Puffin, Isle of May, Custom photography tour of Scotland, private Scottish photography tour, private photography tour of Scotland

Puffin, photographed on one of our custom photography tours of Scotland at the beginning of this week on the Isle of May

Green man, Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian, 4 Abbeys and a chapel, photography tour, Scotland, Scottish Borders

One of the many “green men” inside Rosslyn Chapel (Famous for the Da Vinci Code book [Dan Brown] and movie [Tom Hanks]), there are more than one hundred of them to be seen on our 4 Abbeys + A Chapel Photography Tour