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27 Feb

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28 Nov


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This is our own dog Chaka. He turned 13 years of age in October 2017. He has just been diagnosed with Vestibular disease. His equilibrium is off and he has very rapid eye movement and can’t keep his food down. We have been told that these are all symptoms of the disease and he is on medication prescribed by the Royal Dick Vet, Edinburgh. Chaka is a gorgeous dog and I hope he will recover soon. He’s a great friend and it hurts to see him that way. The shot above, was taken last year.

08 Jun


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In this modern world, it seems that everything we do is rushed or instantaneous. I remember as a child going to visit friends or other members of my family and seeing family portraits in every house. Photographs of the living and the dearly departed and thinking to myself (at that young age) Wow! These photographs tell a story and they did. With the advent of the smart-phone, I seldom see portraits in people’s homes anymore. The selfie is done in an instant and uploaded to social media sites and it is gone, forever.

For me the art of portraiture is so important, so that each generation can look back at their own family members, seeing them and thinking “Grandma was a stunner in her day”. When I do portrait photography, I seek to create a relaxed atmosphere and environment. The secret is to bring out the personality or character of the subject in the photograph. Sometime that can involve mood lighting with shadows playing an equal part to the light.

I believe that the art of portraiture should be a fundamental offering from any professional photographer, after all – those photographs of your family members are time slices in your very own family history.Alan Moore

This photograph of Alan Moore is one of my favourite portraits. Alan is an English writer primarily known for his work in comic books including Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell. He was very co-operative (which helps) during this shoot. I prefer to do my portrait sessions at the client’s home (I can provide backdrops) where they will be more relaxed. I charge £100 per hour for portraits and generally speaking an hour is more than enough to get some great portrait shots for you.

If you would like to book a portrait session or have any questions, please email me at uk.jameschristie@gmail.com

16 May

My first blog entry (I feel like Captain Kirk)

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I am new to blogging. First and foremost, thank you for clicking the link to see what I am writing about. I will update my blog on a regular basis, but not every day. I will attempt to share some photography tricks and techniques with you and share some tales from the various tours I offer.

The city of Edinburgh is a magnificent canvas for any photographer, no matter what their skill level is. On our Edinburgh Photography Tours, we take people around the city’s vibrant and historic Old Town. At each location I give a good historical introduction to each subject and then I explain how I would like to compose the photograph. I point out what to avoid and what to include. I also tell my groups what settings we will use in manual mode – ISO, White Balance, aperture value and shutter speed to ensure a perfect exposure for each photograph.

Edinburgh is a wonderful city in which to conduct these tours as the light can change dramatically within seconds. We have been doing these Photo Tours for over six years now (Established in October 2010) and in that time we have had over 5,500 very satisfied customers as indicated by our very high ranking on TripAdvisor TripAdvisor Reviews for Edinburgh Photography Tours We are very proud of our achievement. For now here is an example of the type of shot you can expect to take on one of our Edinburgh Photography Tours.

Robert Burn Memorial

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