James believes that if a job is worth doing, It is worth doing right.

We use Nikon D800 DSLRS – One of the best professional full-frame cameras on the market.

We use Nikon Nikkor professional lenses.

We Use Nikon SB 900 Speedlights for event photography.

We use Nikon SB-R200 Speedlights for product work.

We use Manfrotto Tripods and Light Stands.

We use Profoto Studio and Off Camera Flash (Recognized as the best on the market) for our Pet Photography, Product Photography, Wedding Photography, Golf Photography and Property Photography (Interiors and exteriors).

We have all the tools and the skill to do the job right, we believe this is the professional way to do things.


For further info, please email James at or call him on 0779 533 7778